Eddie SmalL, Chief Executive Officer

Eddie's passion project, StudioEdu, took shape in 2017 after being selected as one of just over thirty-five educators worldwide in Google for Education's Certified Innovator Program hosted in Washington DC. With over fifteen years in audio and video production experience plus ten years as a classroom teacher, his work has led to the creation of multiple live streaming studios, and a student-led FM radio station.

Twitter: @smallindiana

Ryan Steuer, Chief financial officer

Serving thousands of educators for over a decade through professional development in project-based learning, service learning, and educational technology, Ryan encourages educators to ignite their passion in the classroom by 'Living Their Why'! Ryan started his career as an industrial engineer but made a significant shift to teach 8th grade English on the Southwest side of Indianapolis. After seeing results in the classroom, Ryan began teaching others to help spread the word about student-centered classrooms.

Twitter: @ryansteuer